2020 Apollo Elementary PTA Reflections Gallery



Please take some time to look through all the wonderful submissions for the 2020 National PTA Reflections Art Program. We received a total of 39 entries and are excited to announce that 12 of those entries + 6 special artist entries will be moving on to district.



Congratulations to all our Finalist and Honorable mentions!

We would like to thank all the students that participated and produced such amazing work this year! 



Tyson Fernandez - FINALIST

"Big Brother"

I matter becuase I am a big brother. A big brother is important becuase I do many things with my littler brother. I teach him new things. I help him when he needs something. Another one is I play with him, like the example in my painting. 



Adi Patel - FINALIST

"My Ideas Matter"

I matter because I believe in myself and in my ideas! I am important to my family, friends, and other people in the world. Everyone has different ideas and they all shoudl be heard. Each idea is unique and has its own meaning, no matter if it is big or small. Even a 7 year-old liek me can make a big differnce in this world with my big ideas! I matter becuase I am strong, smart, kind and confident! 



Sahil Jain - FINALIST

"The Way to the Top"

My painting depicts a moment during a recent hike that I did: as I stare at the long, steep way to the top of the mountain, I have doubts whether I have the necesssary stamina to reach it. But my dad, who is accompanying me, is my constant source of encouragement. His support and my own perseverance finally lead me to my destination. It also comes with the realization that "I matter because" I choose to face hurdles than to quit. I am ready to face all the obstables that my future may bring, with the same confidence and determination. 


Samaira Thawrani - FINALIST

"I am Unique!"

I matter because I am different and unique and I bring something new to this earth. My painting has a grild that is special and beautiful in her own way and it represents how everyone matters. 


Lily Patel - FINALIST

"We All Matter in this World"

It starts with one person to make a differnce. Even a young girl like me matter becuase I am important, my feelings should be shared, and my voice should be heard. The rainbow represents every human in this world whose stories, feelings, voice, and thoughts matter. It comes together as the stripes of the rainbow that make one big difference. I, you, we and everyone in the world matter! 


Eric Yang - FINALIST


Friendship matters, because in these uncertain times such as COVID-19, friends will help you feel better when you're lonely. So, I matter because I can make friends.


Shikha Shitikond - FINALIST

"How I make the world a better place for all"

This star represents all the ways I can make the world a better place. You can help the world by picking up trash, or by respecting people from everywhere! But in my opinion, the most important way to help the world (And yourself!) is by BEING YOURSELF. By being yourself, you won't be scared or nervous. I also really like for everyone to FOLLOW THEIR DREAMS. Please don't give up on your dreams, or you will not have confidence in anything! Remember, follow everything on this list! ;) And that is why I matter!


Caden Chen - FINALIST

"Me and my brother"

I matter because I can take care of my brother. When he does something dangerous, I will alert my parents. I can also play with him. 


Atharv Rastogi - FINALIST

"I Matter, You Matter, We All Matter! "

My work relates to the theme because I wrote about importance of human lives. You and I together make the human race. 


Rajeev Donohoe - FINALIST

"I Matter Because. A Haiku"

I chose a haiku
because I love poetry
and how it's distinct.

A haiku is a Japanese poem that is made up of exactly 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in line two, and 5 in line three. It is challenging to communicate the meaning in 3 short lines.
My poem relates to the topic because people can get judged in a few short minutes by the way they talk or look. It can make someone feel like they are not valued. If people were able to see their life matters, they might do great things in this world.





Anisha Arasu - FINALIST

"Voices Carry"

I matter because I live, and have a voice that has a right to be heard.



 Derek Byun - FINALIST

"Thoughts about Me in the Future"

For my Reflections project, I have made a stop-motion movie about why I will matter in the future. I think CO2 is a big problem because it causes climate change which endangers animals and causes wildfires that is why I have put a scene about planting trees to prevent climate change. I also think Covid-19 is a threat to human life becuase it is tearing our families a part, so I have put a scene where I fight Covid-19 and make vaccines. 



"Keep the world safe"

Together we can keep the world safe. We need to work together. 



"Spark Kindness"

I matter becuase I spark kindness to everyone to brighten their day. I also love everyone and respect everybody. Together we can do this. 



"A Helping Hand"

I matter because I want to become a doctor and help other people. This is what my reflections is based on. I want to make everyone's life an amazing life. I want to help everyone in this world, of any race or religion. I want to make the world a better world. I want to care for the weakened and make them strong.



"I Can Make the Earth Greener"

My haiku and artwork show how I can help the world and why I matter. I matter because I can help the earth by growing new plants and taking care of existing plants. We need plants becuase they provide oxygen and use carbon dioxide, which means cleaner air for all of us to breathe. My haiku and artwork relate to the theme because they show that I matter because I can help plants grow.  The truth is, everyone has an ability to make the world a better and greener place. We all matter and we can all change the world! 


Arshitha Kalyanaraman - HONORABLE MENTION

"I Matter because..."

I Matter Because ... I'm Unique , Kind and I'm part of US !!! We all are Equal and United !
I make the world a better place by helping others , treating everyone equally and being kind !
My drawing tells that Everybody is different but we all can be united no matter what !



"We All Matter"

I created people holding hands to show one person connecting hands with another person to make the world a better place. 



"I Matter"

I came up with this idea because I thought the items in this piece is what made matter. There are my friends in the background because I helped my friends explore more music, more food, and more books, so I matter to them. I think it is very important that I share what I like so we can enjoy it together. I also matter to the insects in this piece becuase I rescued them, I love animals so I feel sorry to any forgotten or hurt animal. The others in this piece are things that are family friends, or things that matter to me.



"I am a star"

I am special becasue I am a star that shine the light in dark place. We are all starts can be  light to others. We all have different color of light like stars but we are all star if we shine our light.



"We Can Be Rainbow"

I wrote and acrostic poem, with a decorative frame, that explains how I can help peopel and make hte world a happier place. I matter because I can stand up for the people who are getting bullied and also help people who are hurt and need help. I used a rainbow background because it shows all hte colors and how beautiful they are together. We can all work together to be kind to one another and be just liek the beautiful rainbow. I matter and you matter becuase together we make the world a happier place! 



"I matter because I make a difference"

This poem relates to the theme by bringing my thoughts on how one can make a difference, no matter how big or small they are.



"Make Change"

I can change the world if I put my mind to it. I can fill the world with love and hope.



"Beatbox Art"

I matter because I am human, I am unique, and that I have unique talents. I express this in my reflections through beatboxing. 


Tristan M. 

"Everyone is Important"

This art work represents how people from the entire world, from differnt places, all matter if they do kind and happy things. 


Aditya Gujjar

"Every drop matters"

The drop in my picture represents one of us and what we can do. It also shows us how we can all make a differnce no matter what. Wearing a mask during pandemic matters So does volunteering and reclycing. We cna all see everyone as equals and that matters too. No matter how small it is, it all matters. 


 Ethan Moon

"I am a star, we are stars"

I love to see the stars in the night and I know the stars color are all different but all stars are beautiful. I want be a star and I can be a star. I am special becasue I am a star that shine the light in dark place. We are all stars can be  light to others. We all have different color of light like stars but we are all star if we shine our light.


Diya Kumar

"Hearts of all"

I wrote down words that made me think of why I matter. Some of the words that came to my to mind were world, power, girl, color, love, family, friends, school, peace, earth, work, important, mask, learn, live, laugh, art, time, unity and more. I matter because all of these things, big or small, matter! This art work represents all my thoughts.





Eric Yang

"Being Safe"

In a time like COVID, if somebody else and I are together, we could spread germs. And, if we spread germs, both of us would get sick, and that is bad. So, I matter because I can keep a safe distance from people.


Carter Schindler

"Only I Can Be Me"

A good way to describe this (probably my THIRD best) minecraft build is that the world needs everyone to be themselves and ONLY themselves (unless there is someone who needs someone to stand up for them but that is different). 





Carter Schindler

"kobe bryant":Black lives matter"

I chose not to focus this build on myself but something I believe is much more important. I think more voices should say black lives matter. I just really think is DOES matter becuase we should all be treated fairly. 


 Sam Jensen

"Pollution and Global Warming"

I matter because Pollution and Gloabl Warming are big issues and I want to help. 



 Sahil Jain

"Unstoppable Me"

The takeaway from the hike was that grit and determination pay off in the long run.With constant support and encouragement from my dad and my own perseverance, I am finally able to complete the long and steep hike. I come to the realization that "I MATTER BECAUSE" 1 choose to face hurdles and obstacles in my path than to quit. I am now equipped to face anything that the future may bring with the same confidence and determination.






Alana's describes her artist statement as: I matter because "colors"!




Breanna's Art Statement is "Art" 







Brett's Art Statement is "Art"




"Ray of Hope"

Hisham's Artist statement is "I am important because I have hope" 



"Monster Sitting in a Chair"

Love's artist statement "I am important because monsters don't scare me!" 







Tyler's artist statement is "I matter because I am brave!"