We are so excited to announce the 22-23 Apollo PTA Talent Show, "Our Story"! This year's talent show will be BACK TO IN-PERSON performance and we are so thrilled that we can hold this fun event inside our school after 2 years!
Please see the bullet points below for all the details.
Make sure to read all the instructions and scroll down to register through the registration form.
Important Dates
  • Registration deadline: March 8, 2023
  • MC Auditions: March 13, 2023 4:00-6:00 PM
  • Talent Show Act Auditions: March 15, 2023 1:45-4:00 PM  (participants will be assigned an audition time slot within these hours)
  • DRESS REHEARSAL: March 29, 1:45-4:00 PM
  • PERFORMANCE: March 31, 6:00-8:00 PM

    *Only 4th & 5th grade students are eligible to audition for the role of MC.  Please note that if a student is chosen as an MC they will not be eligible to perform in a talent show act.
Time Limit
2 minutes max - please adhere strictly to the time limit.
-- All participants in the 2023 Apollo PTA Talent Show are required to audition on March 15th.  You must wear or bring your costume at that time. (Please note that this is different from previous years.)

-- If you wish to sing: You may only use a karaoke version of the song. Please sing loud and clearly, we want to be able to hear you. No lip sync acts are permitted.
-- If you are playing an instrument your music must be memorized. 
-- No vulgar, violent, crude, or suggestive lyrics or dance moves will be permitted. Keep in mind your act needs to be appropriate for audience members of all ages. All songs lyrics must be emailed to the director as soon as possible (preferably before March 13th).

-- No repeat songs are allowed. Song choice will be given on a first come first serve basis. If you have not already reserved your song please email the Talent Show Chair (talentshow@apollopta.org) to check availability.

-- Registration forms must be completed, signed online, and turned in by March 8, 2023 - EARLIER if possible.
Theme: Our Story
We highly encourage everyone to choose an act that fits within this year's theme of "Our Story".  We do understand this is not always possible, so please be assured we will make every eligible act fit in the show, but if your student is trying to make a choice we do recommend choosing a song/act that ties to the theme.
MC Guidelines
We are looking for some talented 4th & 5th graders who love to perform!

The MCs are a very important part of our talent show as they not only introduce each act, but will also perform as characters in acting scenes throughout the show. Interested students will be required to attend auditions on March 13, 2023.
Our chosen MCs will be required to attend several rehearsals between March 16th - 30th and will be sent scripts a few days after auditions.  Please list any scheduling conflicts in the registration form so we may take these into account. Feel free to let us know in "Describe the act" section of the registration form if your student has any special skills (dance training, singing, magic tricks, circus skills, etc.). Please note these skills are not required.

While students auditioning to be MCs may also submit an individual act for the talent show, please note that if chosen as an MC they will not be permitted to perform in a separate act. (The MCs get a lot of stage time!)

If your student plans to audition to be an MC please email the director (talentshow@apollopta.org) with your student's name, grade, and teacher name IN ADDITION to submitting the registration form. We may not receive forms on a daily basis.
*  Please email any questions you have to Jenn Kessler at talentshow@apollopta.org.
Volunteers Needed!!!
It takes a lot of hands to make a great show! We are in great need of volunteers to help with kid-wrangling at auditions/dress rehearsal/performance, backstage help, as well as overseeing set up and tear down for these days. We are also looking for a good photographer to snap photos of the performance. If you are willing to help us out, please EMAIL the director at talentshow@apollopta.org