2024 Apollo PTA Multi-Cultural Night

Calling all Apollo families!

Multi-Cultural Night’s Family Showcase

*Create a tri-fold board that celebrates your family’s culture to be displayed at this year’s Multi-Cultural Night on Friday, May 17th.

There are two ways to participate in this exciting opportunity!

"My Culture" Board Country Board

*This type of project focuses on the student’s own family. Siblings can work together on one board.

-Celebrations and traditions in my family

-Family Holidays

-What my family likes to do, activities

-Special foods, recipes

-What music my family listens to or plays

-Where my family is from, places, countries, ancestry, where I was born

-Things that are important to my family

*This type of project focuses on one country. For example, your project may be about Mexico. Include information about the Mexican culture, such as:

-Mexican celebrations and traditions

-Special foods eaten by families in Mexico

-Music and art in Mexico

-Mexican clothing

-Famous places in Mexico

-Activities that are popular in Mexico

**This project can be for any country.



*Tri-fold display boards can stand up on their own. They can be purchased at many locations such as Target and Staples.

Tri-Fold Board Directions

  1. Decide which type of project you want to do; focus on your own family or a country where your family is from. It could be a mix of both!
  2. What will you put on your board? Think of the word, culture, as your “way of life”. See the above pictures for ideas.
  3. You can include pictures and photos; either drawn, copied, or printed.
  4. Make your project colorful and attractive for everyone to look at! Write neatly or type your information.
  5. Include your name, grade, and teacher on the FRONT of your board. Remember, siblings can work together on one board.

Due Date:

All display boards are due on May 3rd to your teacher. After that, the PTA will create a scavenger hunt that students can do during Multi-Cultural Night to find specific things from the display boards! This is why we need your board so early.

We hope you are excited about showcasing your family. These projects will be so fun for everyone to look at during our event.

Questions? Email multiculturalnight@apollopta.org