2021 Apollo Elementary PTA Reflections Gallery


Please take some time to look through all the wonderful submissions for the 2021 National PTA Reflections Art Program, theme "I Will Change the World By...." We received a total of 39 entries and are excited to announce that 12 of those entries + 6 special artist entries will be moving on to district.



Congratulations to all our Finalist and Honorable mentions!

We would like to thank all the students that participated and produced such amazing work this year! 


Clara Strub - FINALIST

"We All Belong"

We can change the world by appreciating everyone around us and through love and kindness. We all belong means we are all different and also the same and this is a world for all of us.



Elise Low - FINALIST

"Kindness Boomerang"

My drawing is about a kindness boomerang. A kindness boomerang is when someone does something kind to another person, and the person pay forward the kindness to someone else, until the kindness comes back to the first person. Just like a boomerang, when you throw it, it will come back to you. In my drawing, I have arrows showing ohw the love passes around the world. I think a kindness boomerang can send kindness all over the world and this will change the world. 



Caden Chen - FINALIST

"Save the Rainforest!"

We can save the Amazon rainforest and change the world by raising awareness that many rainforests like this one are being burned down to make land for houses and farms. In the left, there is a healthy rainforest, with animals like capybara, amazon river dolphin, Jesus lizard, giant anteater, jaguar, sloth, and anaconda. On the right is a burning rainforest, with lots of fire and smoke, toppled trees, and burning wood. There are only a few trees still standing. We have to raise awareness that many rainforests being burned down, and save the trees and animals in them. 

Jesse Fernandez - FINALIST

"Cookie Land"

I will change the world by having a cookie shop. All the cookies will be free and I will give free cookies to the everyone. People will feel happy when they eat my cookies. I will make them smile. I will bake chocolate chip and M&M cookies. I will also give people free water.



Cindy Bian - FINALIST

"A World without homelessness"

In the morning, when I go to school, I often see homeless people by the street asking for help. I think if I give them a book, they will learn a skill from, he can have a job and won’t be homeless anymore. If more people do this, it will be a better world. 


Hairuo Bao - FINALIST

"Clean Energy Garden"

My piece of art includes a garden, representing nature. It also includes wind turbnes and solar panels that create clean energy. I believe that we should care for our blue planet and fossic fuels are hurting it. We need to make a change and we can start now! 



"Crying help for Polars' Igloo"

This summer I saw and article that heavy rain fell in Greenland instead of snow which was the first time on record. It melted lots of ice on the Greenland Sumit and may cause a rise in sea level and I'm worries about it because it will affect all creatures' life on the earth as well. Scientist said it was becuase of global warming.  I can help the world by trying to stop or generate less carbon dioxide, which is causing global warming. It's also melting the ice in the artic and Antartica. If we don't do something, polar bears will become extinct because they hunt seals resting on the ice. If there is not ice, the polar bears will not survive. 

Anisha Arasu - FINALIST

"Mother Nature "

I can change the world by saving the environment. With my own hands I can protect the crops, water, and meadows in my environment. Every second a drop of water or a crumb of food is wasted. With my own hands I am trying to stop that. This photograph shows me protecting and saving the environment and all the water and crops on it. If we save our environment, we can live longer


Adi Patel - FINALIST

"My Part In The World"

My Poetry ‘My Part in the World’ is about how I feel I can change the world. It is a rhyming poem about how
we can keep our earth clean and green, share kindness, help others without a fight, and how small ideas and
thoughts can change a whole world. This is our world, and we can do the right things. If a little 8‐year‐old like
me can try to make a big difference, then all others can do the same too. We can all do our part together in
the world to make a change!


Iris Assareh - FINALIST

"The Device"

In my poem I describe my idea for an invention to help people hard of hearing feel music by feeling the beats and pitch of music. It will change the world because the invention will solve a problem for many people. 


Rajeev Donohoe - FINALIST

"Small Changes, Big Impact"

My work relates to the theme because I wrote about importance of human lives. You and I together make the human race. 

Derek Byun - FINALIST

"A New Path"

For this piece, I took a picture of my camera in front of a window to represent our unique ways and perspectives to see the world. A different perspective, which could bring attention to neglected, forgotten, or new problems that only we could notice, could change the world. This piece comes together to say that I can change the world by looking through a window no-one has seen through before. 


Eleena Ling - Honorary Mention

"Beautiful Beginings"

I will change the world by accepting everyone from various cultures and backgrounds. The butterfly symbolizes a new beginging to a better future.

Emily Yang

"The Grassy Meadow"

I can change the world by not littering and using nature friendly things.

Gurav Rihal

"How to Live Life"

I put a rainbow to show happiness. I think the world would be a better place if we can eat pizza, have dogs and pajama day everyday

Vihaan Roshan - Honorary Mention

"Save Earth"

I will change the world by removing plastic, so that innocent animals won’t get hurt. I will do this by finding a way to decompose plastic. 

Aman Jacob


It relates to the topic because if you do kind things to a person that same person will share kindness to another person eventually leading to changing the world.

Eknoor Rihal

"Only takes one person"

My work relates to the theme by showing one person trying to save the environment and trying to change the world. Simples things such as, recycling, reducing and reusing can save the world

Eric Yang - Honorary Mention

"Grow and Sprout"

If human can be wasteful, so can they be helpful. If vehicles can be more efficient, there would be less carbon dioxide in the air, allowing more trees to grow and sprout. The world would have so many more creatures living. More forest and less man-made items would allow a better environment. The earth is not a lemon to squeeze. I would change the world by a small step…by riding my bike to places more often.

Lily Patel

"Learning Will Change the World"

I will change the World by Learning as I grow up. For example, Math will help me learn how to calculate, save
money, and budget to make good decisions. Learning to Write will help me with spelling, literacy, and
communication. Learning to Read will help me with different languages, creativity, and imagination. Learning
Science will help me understand recycling, natural resources, inventing medicines, and keeping our earth clean. Learning Social Studies can help me understand about the past, society, culture, government, and planets. Overall, by Learning, I will make a change in the world as I grow up and create a better future for

Marcus Law - Honorary Mention

"The Homeless Man"

My picture has a homeless man on the top of the page, and the same man on the bottom in a house. Not everyone in this world have shelter, so I want to change that. This relates to the theme because I want to change the world by helping the homeless get shelter. Just like the man under the tent to the man having a house. The food factory represents the man has food, and the store is hiring homesless, so the man 

Shikha Shitikond

"My Giving Tree"

My art is about how you can save the world. The painting promotes planting trees and compost. It depicts how we can grow a big, beautiful tree through simple steps startign with garbage. I hope these steps will be followed by one and all and by mostly all people on this beautiful planet. It encourages people to not litter and to make this beautiful Mother Earth clean and green. This way, our future generations can also enjoy the suprises and beauty of nature. 

Fernandez Tyson - Honorary Mention

"World Shout-Out"

I will change the world by being me. I will be helpful, kind, and believe in myself. The world needs people who help each other. The world needs people to be kind to one another. And the world needs people to believe in themselves like I do. I will change the world by being just me.

Anisha Arasu

"Splashing Love"

I can change the world by splashing love. Everywhere I go I can smile and joyfully speak to everyone. This may change others life and the way they think and act. My short story shows how a boy’s fondness changed a man’s life forever

Henry Fan

"Thousands of Years Later"

The entire universe is really mysterious. Us humans have already started to study this interesting universe. People like Elon Musk have sent rockets to study space. I hope I can work like the scientist or the space scientist to change life for people in the future.

Jane Lee

"I Will Change the World By"

My poem, "I will change the World By…" is describing what I would do if , or when I change the world. There are 99 words in this poem. 

Jiaen Hannah Chen - Honorary Mention

"Operation Orphanage"

There are over 150,000,000 children around the world who are orphans. I want to change their world by spreading the love. Here is a poem on how I could change their world. 

Naiya Fullerton - Honorary Mention

My poem is about changing the world by being kind. If somebody wants to play, I will always say yes. If somebody likes something different than I do, I will not make fun of them and I will accept them. I will say kind things to others. I will befriend people in need of a friend. If everyone is kind it will make a big difference in the world. 

Jack Bogatz - Special Artist

Logan Bracken - Special Artist

Johnny Heldstab - Special Artist

Bolurin Sobowale - Special Artist

Olivia Mole - Special Artist

Colin Tsu - Special Artist

Aaron Malikkal - Special Artist

Hishaan Makhdoomi - Special Artist

Alana O'Brien - Special Artist

Wyatt Lyons - Special Artist

Corey Choe