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Apollo PTA 2019-2020 Virtual STEM Month


We have decided to transform our yearly STEM Fair into a virtual STEM Month celebration during April! Since this year we will not be able to showcase all of the wonderful projects that our students complete and provide all the fun hands-on projects, we will try to give Apollo students a daily opportunity to view STEM-related videos, learn about ideas for at-home projects, and be directed to kid-friendly STEM websites.


Check out the PTA Facebook page for daily posts during April. We will update this page each week with those posted links. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact


Daily List


Apollo PTA STEM Month: Spring is planting season! If you have the ability to plant flowers or vegetables, this month is a great time. Here are some tips for planting a garden. Let your students be a part of the planting and observe how the seeds grow!

4-1-20-STEM Month


Apollo PTA STEM Month: Many Apollo students like the opportunity to try out different coding programs at STEM Fair. The Hour of Code website will give your students the opportunity to try one-hour coding tutorials.

4-2-20-STEM Month


Apollo PTA STEM Month: The Apollo PTA STEM Fair hosts a number of engineering activities developed by the Issaquah School District. Students have had the opportunity to build aluminum foil boats. This activity is slightly different: Create waves to see if your aluminum boat stays afloat.

4-3-20-STEM Month


Apollo PTA STEM Month: Students get the opportunity to play a variety of math games at the PTA STEM Fair. Here is a link to some Math & Logic Puzzles!

4-4-20-STEM Month


Apollo PTA STEM Month: Do you have baking soda, glass jars & some thread around the house? Your child can make their own stalactites this month. Here are some instructions.

 4-5-20-STEM Month



Apollo PTA STEM Month: Coding and physical exercise aren't always two things you think of happening at the same time. Check out this website that has great ideas on how to unplug coding and add in some physical movement.



Apollo PTA STEM Month: Anybody have extra toilet paper rolls in their house? You can use them, along with a pencil, rubber bands and tape to engineer a cotton ball launcher! Check HERE.



Apollo PTA STEM Month: Are any of your kids learning their multiplication tables? Here's a video to help them learn their nine times table using their hands.



Apollo PTA STEM Month: You turn an art lesson into a math lesson with origami! You can use whatever paper you have available at home.Check HERE.



Apollo PTA STEM Month: Do you have extra pencils around your house? Use them to build a Da Vinci bridge! Look for 12 pencils and 5 rubber bands.



Apollo PTA STEM Month: Your child can create their own stories, games, and animations with Scratch. Younger kids can try the Scratch Jr. app.



Apollo PTA STEM Month: Have your child use their engineering skills to make music! If you have straws, cardstock & tape, your child can build their own pan flute.



Apollo PTA STEM Month: Does your child ever wonder how they'll use their math skills as they grow older? Here are some PBS videos about how math is used in the workforce.



Apollo PTA STEM Month: Your child can create their own lung model with only a plastic water bottle and two balloons! Have them log into BrainPop and search for "respiratory system" to learn more!



Apollo PTA STEM Month: Do you have LEGOs at your house? Your child can use them to code their own LEGO maze. This activity includes printable sheets so that your child can "code" with paper and LEGOs.



Apollo PTA STEM Month: Start sorting through your recycling and find some materials to engineer a suspension bridge!



Apollo PTA STEM Month: Logic puzzles are a great way to exercise your math skills! There are a variety of math & logic puzzles on the Math is Fun!



Apollo PTA STEM Month: Now is a great time to help your child learn more about birds! Take a look at these activities and resources put together by the Audubon Society.



Apollo PTA STEM Month: The Apollo Lego League is a school-sponsored group at school. They use LEGO Mindstorms to program robots to solve specific missions. If you don't have a LEGO Mindstorms set, try the Open Roberta Lab to run a virtual robot.



Apollo PTA STEM Month: Build an APOLLO ROCKET out of paper! Other materials you need are: scissors, tape, drinking straws, and a tape measure.



Apollo PTA STEM Month: Explore the concept of probability with coins and dice. Other materials include paper, pencil & a calculator.



Apollo PTA STEM Month: Support our pollinators! Help our bees pollinate our vegetables & flowers by planting these Pacific Northwest native plants.



Apollo PTA STEM Month: Happy Earth Day! Visit the Apollo Green Team's Spirit Week activities to participate at home.



Apollo PTA STEM Month: Have you ever thought about ways you can use engineering to create kinetic art? Here's a video about "The Strandbeest"!



Apollo PTA STEM Month: Discover and learn more about water, including the water cycle and watersheds. This website has short videos, games & activities.



Apollo PTA STEM Month: Rock, Paper, Scissors - Math! Use this well known game to also work on mental math.



Apollo PTA STEM Month: Use chemistry skills to lift ice with only yarn! The materials you need include: yarn, ice cubes, drinking glasses, cold water, salt, and a timer.



Apollo PTA STEM Month: Are you looking for more "unplugged"activities to help your child learn more about coding? Take a look at some of these activities you can do at home!



Apollo PTA STEM Month: Did you know that you can build a roller coaster out of paper? Additional materials include: tape, scissors, rulers, pencil, cardboard, and a marble.



Apollo PTA STEM Month: Did you ever wonder why your school is named "Apollo"? It was named after the Apollo space program that sent the first humans to the moon! Check Apollo Program.