Apollo PTA 2021-2022 STEM PROJECTS

Submitted by Students


Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

  1. James S., KG: Sprinkle Melting Point
  2. Julian C., KG: Unusual Viruses
  3. James H., KG: Dancing Raisin
  4. Krishav A., KG: How does a LEGO catapult work?
  5. Samaira G., KG and Asherah G., 4th Grade: Lava Lamp
  6. Adhvid V., 1st Grade: Simple Origami Tulip
  7. Clara S., 2nd Grade: Fruit DNA
  8. Theo O., 2nd Grade and Eli O., 5th Grade: The Squishy Egg
  9. Gurnav R., 2nd Grade and Eknoor R., 5th Grade: What makes ice melt faster?
  10. Nandana S., 2nd Grade: Studying Erosion
  11. Elise L., 2nd Grade: Fold and Cut Theorem
  12. Sneha S., 2nd Grade: Potato Battery
  13. Cole H., 2nd Grade: Baking Soda Volcano
  14. Breanna K., 2nd Grade: Skittles Rainbow
  15. Raavi A., 2nd Grade:System of Pullyes
  16. Ayaan M., 2nd Grade: Seasons on Earth

3rd Grade - 5th Grade

  1. Iris A., 3rd Grade: Project Hurricane
  2. Cindy B., 3rd Grade: The Cie Cream Melting Experiment
  3. Scarlett F., 3rd Grade:How the weight of a paper airplane affect its ability to fly?
  4. Scarlett L., 3rd Grade: Can I Make an Object Float in the Air?
  5. Hannah C., 3rd Grade: Fruit and Vegetable Battery
  6. Zander H., 4th Grade: Salty & Sweet Solutions
  7. Alina F. and Alexa C., 4th Grade: Engineering with Clay
  8. Atharv R., 4th Grade: Conductors of Electricity
  9. Vihaan S., 4th Grade: Ferris Wheel
  10. Saahil J., 4th Grade: The Infinity mirror
  11. Shikha S., 4th Grade: Near/Short Sightedness or Myopia – My eye vision journey so far!
  12. Aman J., 4th Grade: Tabletop Hovercraft
  13. Naiya F., 4th Grade: Experimenting Scratch and Micro:bit
  14. Eric Y., 4th Grade: Fat Man Bomb
  15. Kailaash A., 5th Grade: Exploring π and Perceiving the Area of a Circle
  16. Marcus L., 5th Grade: Devil's Toothpaste
  17. Jaein L., 5th Grade: Making Rock Candy